Scarier than any Halloween costume or ghost story is the reality that violent crime on Halloween is 50% higher than on any other day of the year; that's double the daily average. 

Property crime is the most common crime on Halloween. If you manage a service-based business, chances are you have a fleet of vehicles to protect. We know you probably have security measures already, but here's a quick review to play it safe. 

How to Reduce Theft and Vandalism on Halloween? 

Reduce theft, vandalism, and accidents at your business this Halloween: 

  • Secure all your property.
  • Lock all vehicles, and if you cannot garage them, use vehicle covers when not in use.
  • Park high-riding vehicles next to walls, fences, high curbs, or other low-riding cars to make it more difficult to access the undercarriage. 
  • Instruct all staff out in the field to drive extra carefully, especially in residential neighborhoods.
  • Consider adding safety signage to your vehicles (i.e., drive as if your kids live here).
  • Make sure all safety and monitoring systems are enabled.
  • Instruct management to walk around every property site to secure any important equipment or expensive signage. 
  • Consider bringing in anything of value you wouldn't want to be vandalized.
  • Turn on all lights overnight to deter thieves and vandals.

Protect Your Company Equipment

Some field service companies use costly equipment to carry out their services, and these items are often in the care of field service technicians. Commercial equipment can cost a business thousands of dollars, making it alluring to thieves.

One option is to hire off-duty security guards to patrol and protect your business property for extra support during increased risk.

Protect Your Company Property

Walk around your property, is everything either nailed down or truly too heavy to be carted off? If not, bring anything you'd hate to get vandalized inside or behind a locked door. It's easier to do a few extra chores than deal with one of the many common insurance claims on Halloween

Even something as simple as turning on your outdoor lights will reduce the risk of vandalism, theft, or even accidents.

Protect Your Company Vehicles

Of course, parking in a garage is a no-brainer, but if that's not possible, then park in a well-lit spot. Double-check that the windows are completely closed and locked and that any security system you have is activated. Consider covers for vehicles that can't be parked in a garage to protect them from spray paint or eggs.

Park high-riding vehicles next to walls, fences, high curbs, or other low-riding cars to make it more difficult to access the undercarriage. 

Get A Dashcam For 24/7 Protection

The Linxup Dash Camera operates 24/7 and captures motion around vehicles. It has a motion-triggered LED light and is a powerful deterrent to thieves. At a glance, the capabilities of a Linxup dashcam come with just the right amount of bells and whistles: 

  • Live view/alerts when parked 
  • Upload videos when vehicles are off 
  • Real-time view of both road and inside the vehicle 
  • User-generated video options 
  • LED spotlight for theft prevention

By sharing dash cam footage with police and insurance, you are more likely to be successful in capturing the people responsible. Some customers have even watched theft in progress while aiding police in retrieving their stolen property. 

Victims of Theft and Vandalism: Property Types

You should do a quick drive around property sites that have been vacant recently. Check anywhere you store expensive equipment, especially if any property sites are the subject of scary stories or local lore about paranormal phenomena. 

Types of facilities that have been victims of theft and vandalism include:

  • Unoccupied vacant buildings (including abandoned properties with "haunted" stories or legends about them).
  • Construction sites (active sites and abandoned project sites)
  • Cemeteries and mausoleums
  • Churches
  • Schools and campuses 

Time, effort, and money to fix damages most often exceed the cost of a few preventative measures. Contact your local police department and insurance company if you encounter any vandals or mischief. 

Suppose you aren't already using the Linxup GPS tracking system to prevent theft and vandalism. Consider calling and talking with a Linxup rep to learn how we can provide peace of mind with Linxup GPS asset tracking and other protective devices like dashcams

With the Linxup GPS tracking system, you will know exactly where your vehicles, assets, and equipment are while guarding against unauthorized use and theft. Linxup can provide the around-the-clock GPS tracking you need. 

Now that you have everything under control, want to know more about the solutions discussed in this article? Reach out to us, click here on your phone or dial: 1-877-907-0801.

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