According to the US Department of Transport, the US has about 276 million registered cars, with 91% of households in the country owning at least one car.

Cars are a huge investment, but all your hard work could go down the drain in the blink of an eye. With rising cases of car theft, in the country, you could easily lose your car to carjackers in an instant.

One sure way to protect your car from car theft is to install a GPS tracker. A GPS tracker or vehicle tracking device will track your car’s position in real-time so you can see its position at any given time. It ensures the safety of your vehicle, but its functions surpass personal use.

Vehicle tracking systems are a staple for most businesses with vehicle fleets. In fact, these devices form the backbone of fleet management systems. Not only do they show the vehicles’ positions, but they also show driver behavior, journey history, and give maintenance reminders.

In today’s post, we’ll be highlighting the many benefits of fitting your car with a GPS tracker.

What Is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker, or vehicle tracking device, is a small device that you plug into your car to give the car’s position in real-time. The device uses the global positioning system (GPS) to determine the car’s position, anywhere in the world. 

The device will connect to a series of satellites that communicate to determine the vehicle’s position. This process is known as trilateration, where three or more satellites work together to pinpoint the vehicle. The satellites determine the latitude, longitude, and elevation of the vehicle at any instant.

GPS trackers synchronize with special software that you can download on your phone or tablet. That way, you can look up the position of your car, or vehicle fleet, at your convenience. These devices have been lifesavers for households and businesses too.

What Are the Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems for Your Car?

It’s normal to be on the fence about installing a GPS tracker in your car. Here are a few reasons why you should install a GPS tracking system in your car.

Gives Your Vehicle’s Location in Real-Time

Let’s say you went to the mall to shop for a few items, and you parked your car in the parking lot. You get back from shopping, and you can’t find where you left it. Naturally, you'd be alarmed because you suspect someone has stolen it.

However, with a GPS tracker, you can use your smartphone to immediately locate your car. In most cases, you might have just forgotten where you parked your car. Either way, a vehicle tracking system lets you know your car’s exact position at any given time.

Helps Recover Your Stolen Vehicle Faster

Did you know that there are approximately 2,118 car thefts in the US every day? If you’re not too careful, your car could also end up a statistic. Cars are expensive, and it would be a shame if you lost your car to carjackers.

GPS trackers can help you beat carjackers at their own game. That’s because you can use a GPS tracker to track your car to its exact location. This means you can recover your stolen car and help police apprehend the car thieves.

Allows You to Get Help in an Emergency

Roadside emergencies are pretty common, and it's likely that you’ll need help. With a GPS tracking device, you can let emergency services know your exact location. That way, they can get to you in record time and help sort out the emergency.

This is especially useful when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Giving directions to your location can be confusing and waste a lot of precious time. With a GPS tracker, all you have to do is give your location and wait for help.

Help You Keep Track of Your Teens

It’s normal for teenagers to be up to no good, and to get into all sorts of bad behavior. If you’re a worried parent, you can use a GPS tracker to monitor your kids’ movement. This is especially true if you bought them their own cars.

While this may seem like an intrusion on their freedom, it’s for the best. Remember, teen drivers are super reckless and predisposed to dangerous driving antics. You can use a vehicle tracking system to ensure your kids are safe wherever they are.

Identify Any Instances of Car Tampering

Advanced car tracking systems will alert you whenever your car is being tampered with. The alert will come straight to your phone if someone bumps into your car or tries to tow it. That way, you can take the appropriate steps to ameliorate the situation.

Lets You Get Statistics and Other Details About Your Trip

Another benefit of installing a vehicle tracking system is that it lets you know vital details about your trip. Not only does it show you the places you traveled, but it also shows you your average speed, plus the date of the trips. These statistics can be useful for your maintenance schedules or for other personal reasons.

All the above benefits are great for personal use, but did you know that GPS trackers are a must-have for any business owner with vehicle fleets. Here are a few benefits of vehicle tracking systems for businesses.

They Help Monitor Employees

It's vital that you keep track of your drivers every time they hit the road. That way, you can tell whether they’re on track and can meet tight deadlines. Installing a GPS tracker for your fleet means you can keep track of your drivers every time.

That way, you can plan accordingly for your deliveries and alert them of any changes. This ensures company operations move smoothly and your profit margins remain stellar.

Aside from tracking the vehicle, a GPS tracker also helps you monitor driver behavior. Modern tracking systems will alert you in the case of any non-compliant driver behavior. This includes behaviors like careless barking, overspeeding, and diverting from the required route.

Enhance Vehicle Maintenance

Proper maintenance ensures that your fleet remains in tip-top shape and extends the vehicles’ longevity. However, it can be hard to keep track of maintenance schedules when you own a large fleet. 

Modern GPS trackers can help provide routine diagnostics of your vehicles. They will give comprehensive details on your vehicle's condition. They also alert you whenever there's an issue with a specific car part.

These features will help ensure that you keep your fleet in pristine shape to meet company goals. You’ll also save a bundle on repair costs because your car won’t break down as often.

They Improve Driver Safety

Employees are a business’s greatest asset, and it’s the business owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all employees. Employers can use GPS trackers to ensure the safety of their drivers while on the road. By tracking their movements, they can help drivers sidestep dangerous routes with safety hazards.

It also helps fleet managers locate the driver’s position, in case of emergencies. In fact, most GPS trackers have an SOS button. Drivers can press this button when stranded and get the help they need.

They Keep Track of Your Assets

Transferring your assets to a different location is a risky move because it leaves them vulnerable to robbery. This is especially true if you hire a sketchy transportation service to move your assets. 

A GPS tracker will help give you peace of mind when transporting your assets. That’s because you can keep an eye on the movement of these assets. The vehicle tracking system will alert you whenever the vehicle moving your assets deviates from its route.

Remember, some unscrupulous transportation companies may fake a robbery to get hold of your assets and property. However, this is hard to do if all their vehicles have GPS trackers. That’s why you should always find a transportation company that offers GPS tracking for moving your assets and personal belongings.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Frequent downtime means a lot of money down the drain for your business. However, you can reduce vehicle downtime by installing GPS trackers in your vehicles. We already mentioned something about how vehicle tracking systems can run diagnostics on your vehicles.

These vehicle diagnostics will go a long way toward ensuring your vehicles remain at their best throughout their trips. It also helps avoid vehicle breakdowns, which translates to plenty of downtimes. Consider getting GPS trackers for your fleet to reduce downtime.

Helps Restrict Vehicle Routes

If you own a vehicle fleet, you understand how common it is for drivers to take other routes instead of the specified one. Maybe they want to make other personal deliveries without your consent. They may be running a parallel transportation or car service business with yours at times.

This errant behavior leads to massive losses across the board. Unfortunately, you can’t be on all the vehicles at the same time or even hire someone to do it for you. But with a GPS tracker, you can ensure all your drivers follow the required route until they reach their destination.

Modern vehicle tracking systems will send alerts to you the moment your vehicles divert from their routes. That way, you can ask why the drivers change routes and take appropriate steps. In most cases, it’s just an issue with that specific route, like a traffic snarl-up.

Reduce Driving Time

A proper tracking system will help drivers reduce the amount of time they spend on the roads. Thanks to real-time positioning, GPS trackers can help fleet managers find the best routes for their vehicles. They can then assign non-congested routes to their drivers so that they can reach their destinations faster.

The less time drivers spend on the road, the less money you'll have to spend on gas. This can lead to massive savings in fuel costs while also increasing your profits.

Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction

Frequent delays and wrong deliveries won’t sit well with your customers, regardless of your niche. If you want improved customer satisfaction and positive reviews, you’d better get GPS trackers for your entire fleet.

With GPS tracking, drivers can make timely deliveries to all your customers. You can also monitor the movement of each vehicle to ensure deliveries get to the right people. All this results in stellar service and excellent customer satisfaction.

Reduces Paperwork With Your Vehicles

Modern vehicle tracking systems keep digital records of your vehicle's movements and diagnostic reports. This eliminates the need for tons of paperwork on the vehicle’s trips and maintenance operations.

It also makes the fleet manager’s work a lot easier since they can access all the information they need with a tap of the screen.

Insurance Discounts

Most companies that own fleets need to get insurance for their fleet. This insurance not only covers damage but also covers theft. That means they’ll compensate you if carjackers steal your vehicle in unclear circumstances.

Insurance companies are likely to charge a hefty premium to cover theft. However, they also offer excellent discounts for vehicles with GPS trackers. That’s because it’s much easier to recover a stolen vehicle if it has a GPS tracker.

You can save a lot of money yearly, especially if you get vehicle tracking systems for your entire fleet. Plus, it also saves you the hassle of going back and forth looking for compensation should you lose your vehicle to theft. That’s because GP trackers will help track and recover your stolen vehicle in a flash.

Better Fleet Management

Fleet management isn’t the easiest job on the planet, but a vehicle tracking system can make it a lot easier. A GPS tracker lets fleet managers keep track of their entire fleet on their smart devices and communicate with their drivers accordingly.

Get a GPS Tracker for Your Vehicle Today

Now that you know the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking, it’s now high time you install a GPS tracker in your vehicle or vehicle fleet. For the best results, ensure you find a reputable vehicle tracking system company.

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