If you're looking for fleet insurance savings, using dash cameras should be part of your plan. Whether you have a vast fleet of vehicles or just a few, having a record of everything those vehicles (and your drivers) are doing and witnessing on the road can mean big discounts.

Keep in mind that dash cam video can show the road view and also the view inside the vehicle. Combining those is going to get you the best savings. Here are just a few of the reasons dash cameras are so important in fleet vehicles today.

Dash Cameras Provide Proof

When one of your fleet vehicles gets into an accident, knowing what happened matters. Dash cameras give you proof of what was occurring at the time. The actions of your driver and other drivers are all on display, so it's not just one person's word against another's.

Whether your driver was at fault or the victim of someone's else's misjudgement behind the wheel, your insurance company can see exactly what took place. Natural disasters and unexpected issues sometimes arise. A tree could fall on a vehicle, or a water main could break and flood a street. Knowing what really happened allows you to resolve issues accordingly.

Cameras Help Reduce Theft

Another good reason to have dash cameras is for theft detection. If someone steals one of your fleet vehicles, or even tries to, you'll have video footage of whoever is responsible for the incident. You can get alerts for breaking glass, see who's trying to take your vehicle, and use the footage for insurance recovery and to help the police look for suspects.

If someone who's considering taking one of your fleet vehicles sees the dash cam, they may even decide to go elsewhere. In that way, dash cameras reduce the chances that your vehicle will get stolen. Because of the lower risk of theft, you could get even more fleet insurance savings from the company who covers your vehicles and small business.

Drivers Operate Vehicles More Carefully

Your small business does its best to hire skillful drivers for its fleet of vehicles, but you can't watch those drivers every time they're behind the wheel. The good news is that a dash camera can. If you observe unsafe behaviors like texting or speeding — or any other risky activity — you can reach out to your drivers and provide more training.

You may need to focus on company-wide safety improvements or work with your drivers on a more individualized basis. You may even have to let some drivers go and hire new ones. But the important thing is that you'll know how your drivers are operating your vehicles, so you can enjoy peace of mind and lower insurance rates, too.

At-Fault Issues Settle Faster

Sometimes, your driver will be the one at fault in an accident. Even the best drivers can misjudge road conditions or make some other mistake. The best way to move past the incident is to settle it quickly, and that's easier when you have dash camera footage. By seeing exactly what took place, it's easier to admit fault and propose a settlement.

Settling quickly is often less costly than going through a prolonged legal battle, and it can be easier on your small business and your insurance carrier.

Having video evidence of the occurrence stops the other party involved in the accident from making additional claims you then have to refute because it will be clear what happened. There's no reason to drag the issue out if your driver was clearly the cause.

The Bottom Line for Dash Cams

Having dash cameras is going to save your small business money on its insurance policy. If you have a fleet of vehicles, you already know that insurance can be a big part of your company's costs. But fleet insurance savings is possible, and you'll likely want to take advantage of all the ways you can increase it.

Not only does having dash cams contribute significantly to that savings, but it also helps your drivers understand what's required of them and how seriously they need to take their responsibilities to your company.

If there's ever any doubt about what they did while driving or what someone else did either in traffic or when attempting to steal a vehicle, you'll have the proof you need for the authorities and the court — if it comes to that.

Ready for More Fleet Insurance Savings?

Work with us today and get the dash cameras your fleet of vehicles needs. Find out about all our latest deals so you can start using dash cams and save money. We're ready to help your small business save big and reduce your insurance costs with the safety and effectiveness of dash cameras today.

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