Kistner Concrete Products has provided Western New York with precast concrete products for over 70 years. Their expertise is unquestionable. Kistner produces everything from retaining walls and sanitary structures to products for bridges and even highways. 

Their expertise in locating and servicing vehicles and equipment needed a little finesse from some other experts. 

Maintenance Tracking for Vehicles and Equipment

When parts manager Ryan McClurg rejoined the company in November 2020 after a long stint as a Harley Davidson mechanic, Kistner was testing out two solar asset trackers from Linxup. With over 20 trailers, dozens of semis and passenger vehicles, and equipment ranging from enormous Taylor Clark forklifts and Volvo front loaders to leave-behinds like portable compressors, the company's owners struggled to keep track of their maintenance needs and, sometimes, even to find everything

After finding Linxup, they tried two solar units and quickly realized they weren't getting the necessary mileage information. 

Their Linxup team guided them to AT3 wired asset trackers, which provided helpful location information, tracked mileage, and triggered the alerts they needed to keep their fleet well-serviced.

More Than Just Maintenance Tracking

According to Ryan, they soon realized Linxup provided much more than an easier way to keep up with preventative maintenance

He related a common occurrence for the management team: "You'd call and say, 'Hey Joe do you know where truck 33 is? Who was the last guy to drive it?' And the answer is 'I'm not sure.' 

And then you have to call all the locations to see if anyone has seen it." 

Through chuckles, Ryan commented that it's not that the company was disorganized. Still, with so many vehicles, pieces of equipment, and locations, it can get complicated to keep tabs on everything. And simplifying the complex is what Linxup does best. 

"Now with Linxup, it does all of that for us. And we can look at every single thing whenever we want. Alerts come to our phones," said Ryan. They could even spot the random times when drivers were speeding or late for jobs. 

"We can tell when someone is going 87 miles per hour in a 65. We can see that a truck hasn't moved. 'Hey, Donny, why are you still mid-route and haven't made it?' And he says there's an accident—but we know he's running late before he even lets us know what's going on." 

That test with a handful of AT3s was so successful that Ryan's boss said, "Perfect. We're going to put these in everything we have." They even retained the original solar devices for trailers and compressors that don't require mileage data. 

Ryan explained, "There's a lot of equipment coming through here. Keeping track of them at all the different plants can be somewhat of a challenge if we don't have a way to track them. So Linxup has been perfect for that." 

Maintenance Tracking That Makes Mechanics Happy

Despite all of the benefits they've discovered, maintenance tracking remains the most crucial function for Ryan. He keeps Linxup open in a browser tab throughout the day and sets up alerts to go directly to the maintenance team to schedule service. As a mechanic, he's pleased with the quality of the trackers. "The actual units are well made and easy to install. The wiring harnesses are good quality." 

And he's been exceptionally pleased with his Linxup team. He's thrilled to have dedicated support when he has questions, needs to place new orders, or runs into issues. Gone are the days of working with other vendors who often take days to return their calls.

"Nate is great. Shir is great. They get back to me immediately when I need to figure something out." He even praised the speed of shipping. 

As Kistner Concrete continues its growth in Western New York, Linxup will continue to service the company. Linxup has made keeping vehicles and equipment information safe much easier than before. Maintaining equipment in good condition is easy with Linxup.

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