As a fleet owner, you may already be using a fleet tracking solution, which usually comes with a fleet maintenance solution on the side. Maybe it’s something you use, maybe not. Regardless, your fleet maintenance shouldn’t be a second priority.

Your fleet maintenance should be top of mind because it is crucial to saving you tons in cost and time. Imagine having to deal with vehicle breakdowns every six months as opposed to every other week. That’s the power of a proper fleet maintenance plan. 

Let’s dive into the top 3 benefits of having a proper fleet maintenance plan.


Reduce frequency of breakdowns

Create mileage-based maintenance plans to reduce how frequently your vehicles break down. A study in 2019 found that the best performing fleets who have a well-developed maintenance program can operate 75,528 miles between breakdowns, which is 7 times the distance of the average truck operating at 10,663 miles between breakdowns.


Eliminate avoidable repair costs

Reactive maintenance — fixing things only when they break down — can actually cost more than proper schedule-based or mileage-based maintenance plans. On average, reactive repairs end up costing twice as much as preventative maintenance plans. 

Save on operational costs

Proper maintenance plans can extend your vehicle lifespan and help your vehicle operate more efficiently. A study by Automotive Fleet Magazine found that proper maintenance can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy by 40%. 


Where do I start? 

Integrations can help you get the best of both fleet management and maintenance capabilities so that you can start implementing proper maintenance programs. UpKeep, the number one leader in CMMS maintenance software, is partnered with Linxup, a robust GPS tracking and fleet management system, to provide you with integrated and automated fleet maintenance. With this integration, you can:

  • Trigger work orders automatically with DTC alerts and failures reported in DVIRs, so that your drivers never miss any vehicle faults and your maintenance teams can get to work right away.

  • Automatically sync locations and geofences of all your assets in real-time, so that you can assign repairs and maintenance to the right team. 

  • Automatically update odometer readings and set work order triggers so that you can implement recurring mileage-based maintenance plans. 

  • And much more…

To find out how to get started with UpKeep, visit their blog.

One of the most powerful benefits of fleet tracking is its ability to reduce fuel costs by up to 20 percent by eliminating inefficient driving behaviors like speeding and idling. 

Learn more about the value of fleet telematics Ultimate Guide to GPS Tracking for Business or review our GPS tracking devices

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