When customers switch to Linxup from 'the other guys,' we like to turn them into happy customers Lindsay Oil Company Inc. is one of them.

This is the best value for money. - Owner of Lindsay Oil Company Inc., Matthew Greene


With sixteen vehicles in its fleet, including trucks and commercial tankers, Lindsay Oil Company Inc. services a South Carolina community and also meets the demand for a quality work environment. Run by devoted and hard-working people, this business knows how to keep its employees safe on the road. Recently, the Owner of Lindsay Oil, Matthew Greene, developed a bonus program to improve driver safety. Using incentives to improve driver safety is a success already. 

At Lindsay Oil Company Inc., drivers are responsible for delivering diesel fuel to customers throughout the region. It is no surprise that delivery drivers must be careful and accurate in locating the customer. Tracking and monitoring the vehicles with GPS has assisted drivers, behaving much less as a watchdog and more of a navigational assistant and security unit. 

I knew Linxup had another happy customer when I heard, "I couldn't implement geofence reports with the other guys, but you helped me out," Mr. Greene continued, "This is the best value for money."

The detailed driving history, interactive route replay, detailed trip segments, and street-level detail all help support driver coaching. 

Driver Safety Report Cards

The Driver Safety Report Card is one of the most crucial elements for coaching. A daily performance score based on the vehicle tracker data like stops, miles driven, idling, and key safe driving behaviors are added to provide a score and a grade for each driver. 

What you do with the information is entirely up to you. Mr. Greene developed a reward program using vehicle trackers to incentivize drivers.

This incentive helps drivers improve their driving behavior even if they have already avoided accidents and performed well because enhancing driver safety is a continual improvement process.

The way it functions depends on the Linxup tracking system and app.

Drivers can never be safe enough, and this program encourages safe driving by offering a financial incentive if you don't speed and your overall score indicates improvement. 

A safe driving bonus is also a great way to keep employees happy. It reinforces safe driving behaviors by turning driver safety into small achievable goals, making it tangible.

The vehicle trackers and functionality, such as creating geofences and geofence reports, provide a robust control component. It's about controlling your business, time, and power of decision-making when it comes to servicing your customers.

Improve Driver Performance

With Linxup GPS and Dash Cams you can avoid the risk of not overseeing where your drivers are when they are out in the field. (Think of all the time saved when talking with customers!)  

Driver performance can be monitored and incentivized. And if anything happens out of their control, you have information readily available 24/7 to help make decisions.

That increased control means you can minimize the time spent collecting the data and focus instead on insights and outcomes. 

Reaching a customer quickly to provide emergency service is improved, and the guesswork is removed from vehicle routing. 

Improvements For All

In the past, driver tracking might have been perceived poorly, but that opinion has shifted. The benefits are so plentiful that it has become a win-win-win for all involved. 

The customer is happy because they get proof-of-service reports and quick response times. 

The business owner has increased control and visibility over business equipment and daily situations. 

And the employee is safer on the road. 

Now at Lindsay Oil Company Inc., the safe driver is also a happier driver with an increased bump in pay due to performance. 


Learn More About Lindsay Oil

Lindsay Oil Company Inc., has been serving home heating and commercial customers in the upstate South Carolina area for over 30 years.

In an emergency, Lindsay Oil Company Inc.is available to ensure customers stay comfortable. A major portion of business comes from referrals, reflecting their continued success and commitment to customers.

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