It is a well-known fact that construction equipment and vehicles generally are common targets for thieves. According to the National Equipment Register (NER), construction equipment is the second most commonly stolen type of equipment, with an estimated value of $1 billion per year. The NER also states that the average recovery rate for stolen construction equipment is only about 25%. With the use of GPS, concrete truck companies are able to track trucks in real time, allowing businesses to ensure trucks, especially concrete trucks, are being used for their intended purpose. 

The added visibility from GPS trackers can help to deter theft because suspicious activity can be quickly identified and reported to the authorities. GPS technology can also help to recover a theft, as the company can quickly locate a stolen truck and alert the authorities. GPS tracking also allows companies to quickly locate a stolen truck, giving them a better chance of recovering it.

One of the reasons that construction equipment and vehicles, including concrete trucks, are common targets for thieves is that they are often left unattended on job sites. This makes them easy targets for thieves looking to steal equipment for resale or to use in other criminal activities. Unfortunately, construction equipment can be attractive to thieves because of how expensive and in high demand it is, making it a valuable target for thieves. It not only costs the business to replace the stolen equipment but the availability to do work on the job site is impacted too and can cost the business even more than the hard cost of losing machinery.

To protect concrete trucks and other construction equipment from theft, companies can use a variety of measures, like installing GPS tracking devices, using security cameras, and implementing security protocols on job sites. 

Equipment owners can also register their equipment with the National Equipment Register (NER) and other organizations that track stolen equipment to increase the chances of recovery. 


GPS for concrete construction companies

One of the key benefits of GPS tracking for concrete companies is the ability to monitor the location of all of their trucks in real time

GPS tracking can also monitor other aspects of concrete truck operations, such as maintenance needs or material levels. This can help companies ensure that their trucks are used efficiently and are not running low on materials needed to do the job. 

This can help companies plan routes more efficiently and avoid traffic, accidents, and roadwork, which can help them improve their ETAs and hit target completion times. In addition, GPS tracking can also be used to monitor driver behavior, such as aggressive driving, and provide coaching to improve their performance.


GPS tracking services for construction

GPS tracking services are also used to find en route or on-site vehicles, which can help companies better manage their operations and improve communication with their customers. This dispatch function is key for businesses with several trucks under management. 

Another key benefit of GPS tracking for concrete companies is reducing paperwork and increasing accountability. 

GPS tracking is a valuable tool for concrete companies looking for real-time location data and other information on the status and usage of their fleet of concrete trucks. Gain valuable insights and forge ahead in creating operational efficiency by adopting GPS trackers for your construction and concrete equipment. If you want help reducing downtime, improving ETAs, and encouraging safe driving habits on, to, and off the job site, work with Linxup. 

To learn more bout how Linxup GPS trackers can help you deter theft, read how JBK Landscaping used the Linxup GPS Tracker AT3 to recover a $30,000 track loader that was stolen from their job site. 

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