Just three months after installing Linxup asset trackers on his construction equipment, Ryan Wade discovered what a good business decision that was and learned the true value of GPS tracking.

Ryan chose Linxup AT3 asset trackers to help monitor several pieces of expensive equipment that were vital to keeping the company in business. Ryan’s company, JBK Landscape, provides customized landscape design and construction services, from urban gardens to natural mountain retreats.

One of the features he liked best was the ability to set authorized hours of use. Ryan set up the automated notifications to alert him when a piece of equipment is active during unauthorized hours. He didn't have to do anything extra, just set it and forget it.

You really only need to think about your asset trackers when they alert you to take action. It replaces worry with prevention. And that prevention is worth even more than insurance when it works to your advantage. 

Ryan was lucky. He had the asset trackers in place before he needed them. 

What happened next? 

Around 8:30 p.m. on a Wednesday night, Ryan got an alert that a $30,000 track loader was on the move.

Ryan drove to the construction site to confirm that the track loader was missing, and then immediately checked the Linxup app on his phone to find the equipment’s current location.

Four hours later, Ryan was waiting for police to investigate the theft when Linxup again alerted Ryan that the equipment was moving.

He followed the location and found it sitting in a field, where fellow employees helped him recover it and return it to the construction site.

"That loader was brand new [meant] to replace a piece that was stolen the year before. The trackers paid for themselves pretty quickly. You can never really budget for this kind of thing, but it happens,” Ryan said. “Fourteen bucks a month is nothing compared to one piece of equipment.”


“Fourteen bucks a month is nothing compared to one piece of equipment.”


It wasn't just recovering the equipment that saved Ryan that day. It was recovering the equipment quickly that really made the difference. No work delayed, no time off from the worksite. Business continued as usual after the Ryan recovered his stolen equipment. 

As a result, Ryan said he has recommended Linxup asset trackers to other colleagues as well.

“It’s really easy to install, takes literally no maintenance, and they work! They’re accurate and they work. When you need it, it’s quick.” 

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