As a snow-plowing business owner, staying ahead of the competition is crucial to the success of your business. One way to gain an edge is by incorporating time and money-saving technology into your operations. Whatever you can get your hands on that works better than "the other guy's" is going to give your business an edge, but why not get the best? 

Read on for some creative ways to use technology to get ahead of your competitors.

GPS tracking for snow plowing

Install GPS tracking systems on your snow plows to monitor their movements in real-time. This one is a no-brainer. This technology allows you to optimize your routes, track fuel consumption, and monitor the performance of your equipment. It also provides a way to ensure that your drivers follow the most efficient routes and work efficiently.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Use a CRM system to manage customer relationships and streamline operations. This software allows you to store customer information, manage leads, and track customer interactions. It also helps you better understand your customers' needs and improve customer service.

Weather Forecasting

Utilize weather forecasting tools to help you plan your operations. With access to real-time weather data, you can better predict snow storms, prioritize which jobs to tackle first, and allocate resources accordingly.

Equipment Maintenance

Use technology to keep track of your equipment maintenance. By tracking maintenance schedules, you can ensure that your equipment is always in top condition and ready to go when needed. (Tip: You can use your Linxup GPS trackers to set alerts for preventative maintenance in advance.)

Integrated systems 

If you already automate your invoicing and billing processes using technology you would like to keep, then lucky you! Linxup will help to streamline your financial operations and save you time and money. Automated reporting in Linxup can reduce manual errors and speed up the billing process. Linxup integrates with different field service software providers making it easy to keep doing what you're doing and take it to the next level. Quickly connect and start benefiting from integrated systems today.

Local search marketing is worth it

If you aren't working with a local marketing agency, you really should. Whether you want to be found when searched in a major city, or a small town, local search has all kinds of odds and ends that aren't easy to get done when you're managing a business. 

Old-fashion outreach works

Have you exhausted your list of potential outreach? In a community, everything is nearby, so playing the door-to-door numbers game in a business like snow removal is actually a really great way to drum up new business. At the end of the day, old-fashion outreach works.

For big wins, you can look for all the types of businesses that need snow removal at volume. For example, have you considered businesses nearby that need:

  • Commercial parking lot and sidewalk clearing
  • Mall, shopping center, and park clearing
  • School and university campus clearing
  • Hospital and medical center clearing
  • Sports field and stadium clearing
  • Railway and transit station clearing
  • Mine and construction site clearing
  • Municipal road and street clearing
  • Airport runway and taxiway clearing
  • Industrial facility clearing 
  • or Trailer and semi-truck clearing

Gain a competitive edge with GPS trackers

Gain a competitive edge by incorporating GPS technology into your fleet operations and go after big contracts. Whether you specialize in running a fleet of snow plows, snow removal management, or another type of snow and ice management business, the easy way Linxup GPS works and operates is easy to see. 

Stay on top of the latest technologies, get GPS trackers for your snow management business today, and stay ahead of your competitors.

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