There are hidden, and not-so-hidden issues that can chip away at the bottom line for companies in the damage restoration industry. Issues such as stolen work hours, lack of fuel efficiency, back-office disorganization, and field service costs can all undermine profitability. For many, it’s an issue of where to start to identify the areas that need attention.

One key is getting the right data. Developing a deeper understanding of how cost efficient your field operations are is a good first step. 

Unnecessary Labor Costs

For example, did you know that employees starting work 15 minutes after they clock in and stopping work 15 minutes before they clock out each day adds 2.5 hours of non-work related labor costs to your payroll expense per week per employee? 

Unnecessary Fuel Costs

Or, did you know that a work vehicle idling at a job site or other times when it’s not in transit can cost up to 10% or more in additional fuel costs per month? Or did you know that employees who use company vehicles to run errands while working can add another 10% or more to fuel costs?

GPS Tracking Translates to Cost Efficiency, Fuel Efficiency, and More

GPS tracking can be an effective strategy to both identify issues and keep things running smoothly once they’re addressed. Linxup GPS Tracking Solutions also help to identify additional cost efficiencies and opportunities to increase customer satisfaction.

On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss ways to identify several hidden and not-so-hidden issues that impact damage restoration companies as a part of our partnership with CORE. We also share key steps to help you grow your bottom line. 

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