Field service companies—like pest control, plumbing, HVAC, repairs, and electric—rely on constant movement. Keeping track of employees, vehicles, and equipment that are on the go all day is complicated and, if done incorrectly, costly. Yet 52 percent of field service businesses still do things manually, including yard checks, invoices, and time cards. Adding GPS technology is the key to automating operations for companies with a mobile workforce. The results can not only save money, but also help businesses achieve significant growth.

So many ways to save

Knowing how your employees are driving, when they are arriving at jobs, and how long jobs are taking to complete is only part of the picture. Linxup provides GPS data that gives businesses the information they need to make smarter decisions—the kind that save money. 

For instance:

  • Crews in the field aren’t always paying attention to whether or not they are turning off vehicles. Checking addresses, loading and unloading tools, and even eating lunch often all happen with vehicles running… and gas and profits burning up. GPS tracking allows businesses to identify where fuel waste is coming from and put a stop to it, saving thousands of dollars a year. Linxup even sends instant alerts when idling is happening so fleet managers can contact crews.

  • Many insurance companies offer discounts when GPS trackers are used in vehicles. The savings can be up to 20-30%, but where’s the added value for the folks being tracked? A system like Linxup kills two birds with one stone. Share driver data to get insurance discounts, but reap the added benefits of owning and having access to all that GPS data.

  • Timecards are time consuming. Too many businesses rely on employees completing, and admins processing, manual time cards. That’s valuable time that could be spent completing more jobs; it’s also a process that leaves a lot of room for error. Companies report saving 2-8% on payroll with GPS data. Linxup tracks when crews start their day, arrive at various jobs, how long different jobs take, and more. Automatic and accurate—that’s payroll with GPS.

So many ways to earn

So what to do with all that time you’re saving? Put it into growing your business. GPS is a powerful tool there.

Some ideas for using Linxup to grow your business:

  • Get a more accurate idea of how long specific jobs take, and which crews are most efficient. Plan daily assignments accordingly. Squeeze in more jobs a day and stop short-changing your business on the jobs you’ve been underestimating.

  • Improve customer service with easier dispatching of the closest crew to an emergency call. Get alerts when crews are leaving one job so you can notify the next customer of their arrival time.

  • Increase revenue collection. Customers will appreciate the accuracy of their invoices with proof of service, including arrival and departure times and length of service call. Do you charge extra for certain services that require special equipment? Power-on alerts will ensure that you know to include the work on invoices.

So many other benefits

On top of all that, GPS data ensures that your drivers are operating vehicles safely, protecting your business from liabilities and missed work. Add-on solutions like dash cameras provide video evidence of driver distractions, customer location conditions, and can even alert managers and drivers to tailgating.

Even if GPS tracking does nothing more than help prevent theft and recover missing assets, it would be worth the investment. The reality is there is so much more field service companies can gain from GPS data.

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