Imagine managing a trash hauling business with a large fleet of trucks out on the road and not knowing where any of them are or how much they are hauling. Your company is consistently losing money due to inadequate reporting on what exactly is being hauled.

With 30,000 customers and 60 trucks on the road daily, Benfield Sanitation Services had their hands full with trying to keep up who is being honest about the amount of trash being transported. 

Jim Deuel was looking for a solution to help with day-to-day operations of this residential and commercial trash hauling business. Deuel, Commercial Front Load Operations Manager for Benfield Sanitation Services, found Linxup to be the solution for everything that the company needed.

“Linxup had a more comprehensive tracking solution, plus the expandability for cameras,” Deuel says, comparing Linxup to competitors. 

The pictures and videos gathered from Linxup dash cams give Deuel the leverage to show customers overloaded containers, in turn allowing Benfield to receive the correct amount for the service they’ve provided. (Watch video evidence below.)

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Deuel was looking for something that would not only help with insurance claims, route tracking, and customer calls, but would also be able to provide a video component to see exactly what their drivers see when visiting a customer’s location. Having the driver’s point of view helped the company with any property damage claims that came their way as well.

Benfield Sanitation Services needed a GPS tracking system that could also provide real-time tracking of their drivers and the history of their routes. Keeping an eye on driver speed and habits on the road has also been beneficial to managing the fleet. 

Overall, Benfield Sanitation Services found Linxup to be a great addition to their daily work processes. “I usually look at the system first thing in the morning to see if all of my routes are out running. We have given our service department access to the mobile app for finding trucks on road calls,” Deuel explains.

During an average workday, Deuel will follow up on customer calls to inquire about whether the Benfield team had been there. The pictures and videos gathered from Linxup dashcams give Deuel the leverage to show customers overloaded containers, in turn allowing Benfield to receive the correct amount for the service they’ve provided. 

The accident happened at around 9:30 a.m. in the morning. The Linxup Dash cam captured the entire incident. 

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Watch video of the accident


Another instance where Linxup dash cams were able to assist Benfield is when one of their drivers was involved in a car accident on the job.

The accident happened at around 9:30 a.m. in the morning. Our dashcam captured the entire incident. Another vehicle swerved from another lane straight into one of our trucks,” Deuel explains about the accident.

The other driver was found at fault for the accident and Benfield was able to download a clip of what happened and send it to their insurance provider. Though this dash cam event didn’t have the best ending, it still provided the company with what they needed in order to have an accurate insurance claim. 

Linxup is invaluable to Benfield’s day-to-day routines when it comes to the service they provide for their customers and also for the safety of their drivers. “[Linxup] offered the solution we needed at a reasonable price.”

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