Dash cameras are becoming more and more popular, with an expected 15-percent boost in sales compared to 2021. People are beginning to recognize the benefit of having a dash camera and, because of this, are outfitting all of their vehicles with them. 

Dash cameras are particularly helpful for business owners. Anyone who drives for a large portion of their job or who manages a fleet of vehicles should consider a dash camera. Doing so can prevent major problems in the future. 

But what is the best dash camera for cars and how do you pick one for your business? Keep reading this dash camera guide to find out these answers while also learning some dash camera tips along the way!

What Is a Dash Camera? 

Before jumping into purchasing a dash camera, it is important to understand what they are and what they are able to do. Knowing this will give you a better idea of which one you should choose later on. 

Basically, a dash camera is a camera that sits on your car’s dashboard and constantly records video. This video footage is designed to show exactly what your car did at all points in time, even during an accident. This is important because proving you were not at fault during an accident has a big impact on insurance and other legal fees. 

While simply recording video is the basic function of a dash camera, there is a range of other options that they may or may not have. These range from the quality of video that the camera records to the ability to instantly upload the video that is being recorded. Ultimately, different drivers will require a different set of options. 

Why Should You Get a Dash Camera? 

There are a number of reasons why dash cameras are appearing in more and more cars. These range from simple and straightforward reasons to ones that are more varied. 

The most obvious reason to get a dash camera is in the case of accidents. If you or someone who drives for you are in an accident and are not at fault, you will want a way to prove this is the case. Otherwise, it is just one driver’s word against the other. 

A dash camera will provide the video evidence necessary to defend your case. You will be able to show your insurance company or a judge that the other person caused the accident and, therefore, are able to back up your claims. In fact, video evidence is so important that it is used in 80% of crimes that make it to court. 

For business owners, dash cameras have a number of other benefits. Most of these revolve around their ability to show you what happens while your drivers are out and about.

Being able to see your drivers gives you an idea of how they behave on the road. Maybe they haven’t had an accident on the job yet but checking recordings of their driving will alert you to their aggressive driving behavior. This type of behavior will reflect poorly on your company and, thus, is something you will need to address. 

Being able to see your drivers out on the road also allows you to see the conditions they drive in. If the video shows they are constantly in traffic or seem to be going through rough areas, you may want to change up their drive. This may save you money in gas or prevent wear and tear on the vehicle. 

Choosing the Best Dash Camera

Once you’ve decided to purchase a dash camera, there are a number of different factors to consider. Considering these factors beforehand will help you make the best decision possible. This will also prevent you from regretting your purchase later on. 

Just make sure that, as you consider these options, you also consider the cost of the device. While dash camera cost varies, more features typically end up costing more. However, these features may make the product more worthwhile and provide essential benefits. 

Look For Quality

First, it is important that the camera you pick is actually a quality camera. There are plenty of cameras out there that do a lot but don’t do it well. There are also cameras out there that advertise plenty but don’t actually hold that well. 

Make sure the video quality the camera provides is good. If the video is low quality, you may have trouble making use of it later on. Some legal professionals advise that grainy footage may not be acceptable in court. 

In the same vein, make sure the camera is able to handle nighttime video. If you can’t see what is going on in a dark video, then those videos are essentially worthless. This is even more important if your business often drives at night. 

Storage space is another factor to consider. One hour of 4K video typically takes up around 7.2GB of space. So, if the camera option you are looking at is only able to hold a few gigabytes of space, then that option may not be worth considering. 

Storage is even more important if you plan on looking back at the video over a long period of time. Most dash cameras delete old footage as new footage comes in. So, if looking back at older footage is something you need to do then you need a large amount of storage.

Consider the Number Of Cameras You Want

The other big factor is choosing the number of cameras you want to have. Many people opt for just a single camera facing the road in front of their vehicle. However, there are reasons to consider more cameras than that. 

Having a camera in the back of the vehicle is also helpful. With one of these, you will be able to record accidents and incidents that occur in your car’s rear. This means that if someone rear-ends you or your driver, you will have proof of it. 

Many businesses also like to have a camera that faces the driver. This is another way for a business to monitor safety through a dash camera. With a camera that faces the driver, you can see exactly what they are doing while they are driving. 

So, if they look at their phone, start to fall asleep, or are just distracted in general, you will know about it. Otherwise, you will have no idea that this is happening until this behavior causes an accident. However, with it, you will be able to address and change this poor driver behavior before it becomes a problem. 

Consider the Driving Features You Want

One of the most important things to consider when buying a dash camera is the features that you want or need. As already discussed, dash cameras have a different range of features depending on the specific camera you choose. 

GPS tracking is a feature that is helpful for many businesses. Having a GPS in any business vehicle is helpful. Doing so allows you to see exactly where all of your vehicles are and exactly where they have been. 

However, this is even more effective when paired with a dash camera. A GPS built directly into the dash camera will let you know exactly where the video takes place. If you are monitoring your drivers for safety purposes, it will also let you know how fast they are driving, which isn’t always clear from a video alone. 

Live view is another popular feature for businesses. With live view, a business owner is able to log into an online program and pull up a live feed of their driver’s dash camera. This allows them to check on any vehicle at any time. 

For many business owners, live view is a critical part of their business. With it, they are able to double-check what is going on and make sure everything is being done correctly. 

Consider the Non-Driving Features You Want

While the vast majority of dash camera features come into play while the vehicle is in motion, not all of them do. There are other features to consider that are an important part of protecting your vehicle while it is stopped. 

One of these is motion detection which activates while the vehicle is parked. With this feature, the camera will turn on or light up spotlights when motion is detected. This helps deter thieves from breaking into the vehicle. 

This is a feature that may end up paying for itself. Catalytic converters are a popular target for thieves, who stole more than 25,000 in 2021. However, those thieves will think twice about doing so if they see a camera and know that they are being filmed. 

Dash Camera Services

While the features offered by a dash camera will help you purchase a dash camera that works for you, there are other services that are worth considering on top of the dash camera purchase. These are services provided by a company that specializes in them. 

Some of these are already discussed above. The ability to view a live dash camera feed or automatically upload footage requires the camera to be hooked up to a service that allows this. Cameras without a service attached simply record onto a hard drive. 

Other services available for dash cameras include the option to automatically send someone updates if certain events take place. For example, some services send updates if a vehicle with a dash camera is in a collision, if the glass is broken, or if the vehicle is braking too harshly. These updates all take place automatically. 

A service like this has the potential to be very helpful for a business owner. It lets them know immediately if one of their vehicles is involved in an accident. Plus, when paired with live video updates, it lets them see what is happening as soon as it happens. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Dash Camera

Once you find the dash camera that works best for you, you should make sure that you are getting the most out of it. Otherwise, you are leaving benefits and opportunities on the table. 

For one, make sure the system is set up in a way that meets your needs. Make sure the camera's angles are good and that they provide a view of everything you need to see. After all, a dash camera that doesn’t actually look out at the road won’t be helpful when an accident takes place. 

If you are using your dash camera as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your drivers, make sure to take a good look at the footage. Check it to see if there are ways your drivers are able to improve or if there is anything you are able to do to make their jobs better. 

As you do this, make sure you are using the information to coach your drivers, not just catch them. This will encourage them to be better drivers in the future, which will help your business as a whole. 

Finally, make sure to reevaluate your system from time to time. If you only have dash cameras in a few of your vehicles but find that the program is going well, consider adding them to more. Or, determine if you want to upgrade the cameras you have to ones that offer more features. 

Finding the Best Dash Camera for Car Tracking

If you are looking for the best dash camera for cars, it is important to know what to look for. Think about what you are looking for, consider the options, make sure that the camera meets your needs, and you will be ready to outfit your vehicle or vehicles with dash cameras. Then, you and the people who work for you can drive with better peace of mind. 

If you are interested in getting a dash camera for your business, make sure to contact Linxup for its products and services.


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