As a fleet manager, you want to keep your fleet running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. After all, the more streamlined the process, the more work that can get done. And with more time to get more accomplished, fleet managers can determine the better routes for delivering services, and the safer driving conditions. (And we know how important that will be for your drivers, especially in the winter months!)

Yet without a good system in place, it can be a time-consuming and costly task. It could also leave you unable to focus on the areas of your business that require more urgent attention.

Your hours are precious. You don't want to spend your time flicking between multiple software systems, methods and processes to run your fleet.

A good system collates everything in one place like a powerful printer does with a packet of print outs. You want everything together in a meaningful way.

With Linxup GPS, information from time-keeping systems to customer addresses in a CRM, and vehicle maintenance information can all be brought together in a meaningful way.

What does that mean? No clunky screens or clicking around looking for things. We are built from the ground up for fleet managers and owner operators. In other words we are software made for the people who use it. 

This saves you a lot of time, hassle and money. Simple to implement and quick to see value. Linxup GPS offers near instant benefits and adds ease to your day to day tasks. It's a no-brainer to trade hours of guesswork for a quick solution like this.

There's no doubt about it because we see everyday people install our GPS systems all the time without having to get it installed by a third party provider.

With a dedicated GPS Fleet Management System, you can simplify your workflow saving money and time along the way without having to invest in additional steps to get started.

Here are just a few ways that GPS can do this and why it's a great time to get one for your fleet.

Simplify Driver Communications

Without a GPS tracker, you are reduced to liaising with your drivers to find their whereabouts and sort the most efficient route. When tracking your drivers, you can ensure they’re on schedule, keep customers happy by offering a more accurate ETA and adjust their routes for a more economical journey.

Store Customer Addresses and Site Information

Simplify the complicated by making your work processes more efficient through an integrated customer database. You won’t waste time trawling through numerous systems when looking for specific information. Instead, it will all be in one simple, easy-to-find central database. Add notes, geofences, photos from jobsite, keep customers uo-to-date and more--all from one location!

View Driver Behavior for Coaching

It’s important to keep an eye on driver performance to find out if anyone is wasting time or driving unsafely. By doing so, you can help coach drivers to improve their performance. It also incentivizes people to drive better if they know you can see how they are on the road. If you find anyone’s standards aren’t up to scratch you can offer additional driving safety training.

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Faulty vehicles can lead to downtime for the driver or you having to unexpectedly fork out for an additional car or van to add to your fleet while it’s being fixed. With a GPS Fleet Management System, it can identify potential problems enabling you to plan a preventative maintenance and servicing schedule ahead of time. This gives you more time to plan and prepare, fixing issues before they become major problems that require complex repairs.

Utilize Automated and Customizable Timesheets

Instead of having your drivers manually clock in and out, which can be a hassle and also has room for error, GPS systems make this a lot easier. GPS systems offer automated timesheets that are based on GPS tracking. These are customizable and provide details around work times that are based on the vehicle tracking and parameters you set.

A GPS Fleet Management System offers a simple yet effective solution to finely tune your processes and bring down costs for your business. It enables one to quickly and easily track drivers and see how their route can be improved, or who is in the best position to take on another job or order.

It also helps you to monitor the condition of your vehicles before anything goes wrong with them, saving you money both in the short and long term.

Here at Linxup we offer a comprehensive GPS Fleet Management System that has all your business needs. 

Want to know more about the solutions discussed in this article? Start your journey to better business operations. Reach out to us, click here on your phone or dial: 1-877-907-0801.

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