The past year has been a challenge for almost every industry, and Linxup customers were no exception. Whether they were suffering the direct effects of the pandemic, or feeling secondary effects because of the industries they serve, Linxup data showed struggling to reach pre-pandemic levels of activity.

Still, our customers are nothing if not resilient. Despite the challenges and hurdles of this year, Linxup customers:

  • Drove over 2.2 BILLION miles.

  • Identified almost 65 million hours of idling.

  • Triggered over 574 million alerts.

More importantly, Linxup customers continued to save money and improve their businesses with GPS data.


Here are a few examples of some big wins in 2020.


Cutting Expenses with Better Management

One disaster recovery company has been using Linxup for over six years and relies on it for quick response times.

At a glance, the dispatch manager can see where every service team is. When a call comes in, he can enter the address to find the nearest crews and tell how long they have been at their current locations—making it easy to predict which crew will be done first and can respond to the next call.

More importantly, in recent years his increased efficiency enabled him to reduce his payroll and make the business more profitable. When the challenges of 2020 hit, he was able to continue his current pace without any cutbacks.

Protecting Against Theft—Of All Kinds

That same disaster recovery company also learned how helpful GPS can be when a vehicle was recently stolen. A service truck full of equipment was left open in a customer’s driveway while the crew unloaded materials.

When they came out to find it gone, they immediately called into the office. The owner was able to pull up the vehicle location from his mobile app and police tracked it down within 30 minutes. 

A cleaning and maintenance company found they were being robbed in a different way. The long time Linxup customer quickly found the value of the GPS service when he started matching submitted job tickets for payroll against vehicle locations.

He discovered some employees were submitting time for jobs they had not been on, while others were moonlighting with company vehicles and equipment on the weekends. 


Avoiding Liability

The cleaning and maintenance company also found that GPS data was helpful for liabilities. One employee crashed a company vehicle en route to a job site and attempted to sue, claiming that the job location involved hazardous road conditions. Checking the history of the employee’s driving behavior revealed a pattern of speeding; needless to say the case was dropped. That experience taught the owner to put a program in place to monitor driver behavior and reward safe driving practices, eliminating both the risk of accidents and excessive wear and tear on his vehicles.

A service truck full of equipment was left open in a customer’s driveway while the crew unloaded materials. The owner was able to pull up the vehicle location from his mobile app and police tracked it down within 30 minutes.


Honesty Pays

A landscape company in Florida recently found that it pays to be upfront about their crews’ shortcomings. When a customer called to complain that their lawn service had not been properly executed, the owner checked the GPS data to verify his crew went to the job that day.

He saw that they arrived… and left almost immediately. Showing the customer his data, he confirmed the crew could not have completed the work, refunded the service call, and sent another crew to finish the job. 

The customer was so impressed she shared the story with her neighbors. The result? Three new customers on the same block.

Sometimes the customer isn’t always right though, and a waste removal company using Linxup was able to prevent the loss in revenue.

The company charges overflow fees for their dumpsters, but had been trusting customers to be honest about the level of use they needed.

Resourceful employees used their Linxup dash cameras to record when dumpsters were overflowing at pickup, providing the proof he needed to enforce overflow fees.

When customers understood they wouldn’t be able to game the system, he was able to have productive conversations about increasing service levels to avoid the extra fees.

Looking Ahead

As we all put the "decade" of 2020 in the rearview mirror, Linxup continues to develop innovative new products to help our customers solve problems. Geofencing continues to be the most popular feature and new products are quickly gaining popularity too.

The Mower Tracker gives detailed mowing path data for landscaping management customers looking to provide better proof of service. Data-driven landscaping planning is changing the way our customers do business.

The Linxup best in class dash cams continue to grow in features, including tailgating alerts and more. The power of a dash cam and GPS working together is significant.

The Customer Address Book feature is a fast rising star, allowing businesses to bulk upload their customers and more quickly use all the other tracking features available.

To read about more ways our customers use GPS tracking to make their businesses thrive read more customer success stories or reach out to us, click here on your phone or dial: 1-877-732-4980.

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