Building relationships with customers is not that different from building relationships with romantic partners. Trust must be earned. Reliance on each other grows with time. And wrongs done by others can haunt your current relationship.

A few years ago a well known national lawn maintenance company was caught on camera “ghosting” a customer. The ploy was pretty simple. Following the advice to leave some sort of physical proof of a visit behind, the technician planted a few flags in the yard and drove off — without even touching the lawn.

In an age of door cameras and other technology, simply leaving a flag or a door tag isn’t enough.

If you’re already using GPS for other benefits to your business, it’s easy to add one more: proof of service. Don’t leave a door tag or flag behind. Give your customers concrete proof that you are fulfilling your responsibilities.


Mower tracker

Tracking Every Step You Take (but not creepy)

Ping rates are everything in GPS. Stretch them out for stationary objects, and you can make batteries last for months at a time. Speed them up, and you can track every step your employees take on a client’s property. 

Adding a mower tracker profile to asset trackers gives Linxup customers a 12 second ping rate. The result is a detailed map showing every corner of a property and a job thoroughly completed. And we may call it a “mower” tracker, but this profile can be applied to any motorized lawn equipment. Track spreaders, power rakes, walk-behind trowels, and more.


PRO TIP: Many customers also find that the dash cam footage is a great way to literally show the work.


Every move you make

GPS trackers gather a lot of useful data, including time spent at specific locations. Your business gathers a lot of useful data about your customers. Let’s get these two together. The new customer database feature lets Linxup users easily report on customer visit history and time spent on site.

Just upload a spreadsheet of customer locations and tie each to a geofence. Your GPS data instantly becomes a database of visit histories, arrival and departure times, average length of visits, and the tracker/technician on site.

For your own use, this data can help you determine if you’ve over- or underestimated contracts for recurring services.

For customers, it’s a quick and easy way to show that the work they’re paying for is being delivered.


I’ll be watching you

Your customers are catching you on camera. Return the favor! The benefits of dash cameras are clear to many GPS customers. After an accident, video evidence of driver behavior, road conditions, and other circumstances is invaluable. Theft deterrence for expensive vehicles—often full of equipment—is another perk. 

But many customers also find that the dash cam footage is a great way to literally show the work. Crews can capture before and after videos, document damage found when they arrive on site, and highlight areas where additional service might be needed.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a video can mean a nice increase to monthly revenue. Learn more about Linxup Dash Cams here.

Feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team; you can reach us by clicking here on your phone or dialing: 1-877-907-0801. 

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