For a small company such as CSI-Absolute Clean Inc, which specializes in cleaning and restoring natural stone, fine fabrics, and textiles, clear communication, highly-trained technicians, and outstanding customer service are the cornerstones of success.

That’s why company founder Earl Salandanan turned to Linxup GPS tracking, which he considers an essential piece of his company operations.


“It tells me when, where, how fast – everything. I love it, I need it. It’s an invaluable tool.” 


Earl takes pride in his company’s work: “We always invest in education, new technology, and R&D so we can deliver the best quality,” he explains.

Earl attributes his edge in customer communication to Linxup fleet tracking.

“Let’s face it; communication has changed drastically in the last five years. Eighty percent of what we do is focused on communication because that’s what separates you from your competitor. Using Linxup, I can give my customers a more accurate estimate of when we will be there.”

Big Capabilities for Small Companies

Effective communication requires useful, accurate data that is always up-to-date. Linxup helps Earl get the information he needs about his crew instantly without hassle.

“Our goal is to automate as much as possible,” he explains. “I need online reports. I can’t wait for information. Information is key for customer service. I need live info by the minute at the tip of my finger. I don’t want to wait on someone to text me or call me with it.”

The easy access to information provided by Linxup delivers a valuable resource on a tight budget. “It’s a great tool for a small company without the excess budget to pay someone to monitor everything,” continues Earl. “If what you spend to monitor everything is more than what you are saving, that’s not good business.” 

Solving Customer Disputes

Linxup also has given Earl the information he needs to settle disputes. “If there is a client dispute, and they say we were an hour late, how do I verify that,” he asks? “It’s got to be indisputable.

One client wanted a discount because she said we were an hour late.

Using Linxup, I was able to check and tell her that we actually arrived 10 minutes early.” Linxup has saved the company money multiple times when customers falsely claimed that a truck was late. 

Having the ability to know the facts can settle uncertainties.

According to Earl, It also helps with tracking employee time. “If an employee says they forgot to clock out, I can verify where they were and for how long.”


Improved Service Delivery and Quality Assurance

Linxup has improved the service quality of CSI-Absolute Clean Inc. by holding everyone accountable. “If you don’t have tools to manage people and keep them honest, then it’s not going to happen,” says Earl. “Just having Linxup alone is a deterrent. Guys are more punctual because they know I can verify it.” 

Linxup frees up a lot of tedious management time for Earl because he doesn’t have to manually check in on every job.

In addition, the Linxup mobile app gives him the opportunity to make quality assurance visits.

“If I am out making follow up calls on customers, I can look at my phone and see where everyone is,” he says. “If I am within 6-7 miles, I will stop by to check on the job and see how things are going.”


Reducing Operating Costs

The improved efficiency has also reduced costs. Keeping his team moving has eliminated wasted time and improved productivity. Earl explains, “When they are parked, they are not making money.

Time and gas are very expensive for me.” Earl is also able to monitor fuel costs. Linxup GPS allows him to calculate the expected fuel costs for the mileage driven and compare that number to gas purchases.

This ensures that the fuel his company is paying for is actually going into company vehicles and now the fleet is more efficient

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