When running fleet services, it’s important to factor in fuel usage for your business’ vehicles as well as how to save money on fuel costs. Businesses thrive when they are using their resources the most efficiently.

Here are some simple tips and ways to save on fuel costs.

Reduce Idling

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Though many may not realize it, idling can use up huge amounts of gas.

When drivers within a fleet are parked with the car running, fuel runs out without anything productive being done for the company.

Utilizing GPS tracking services can help reduce idling by at least 20 percent simply by identifying which drivers have the highest rates of idling and working towards a goal to lessen the amount.

Setting a custom threshold for the amount of time allowed for idling helps reduce idling as well. Once a driver passes that threshold, an alert can be sent.

Map Efficient Routes

Routes that go out of the way in order to reach a destination can add up to a lot of fuel being used. Mapping out the shortest, most efficient routes helps to utilize the perfect amount of fuel when going to a job site. Easily track routes through a GPS tracking system so that your fleets get to where they need to be on time with a less fuel usage.

Eliminate Wasteful Driving Habits

Getting to a destination on time is important in a fleet business, but doesn’t need to involve excessive fuel use. Wasteful driving habits, such as speeding and rapid acceleration, can be monitored when keeping track of your fleet through GPS. Speeding alerts can easily be set up through the app and you can get notifications when drivers go over the speed limit.

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Check Tire Pressure

The tire pressure on your vehicles should be checked once a month. If your tires are under inflated, that could be costing you more at the pump. That's an easy fix!

Use Cruise Control

Are your fleet’s vehicles traveling a bit of distance to reach their destination? Encourage your drivers to use cruise control when appropriate. According to The Globe and Mail, cruise control can save you up to 6 percent in fuel consumption.

Implementing these 5 tips can allow your business and fleets to thrive this year. Save money on gas and use your resources on the things that your business needs year round.

One of the most powerful benefits of GPS tracking is its ability to reduce fuel costs by up to 20 percent by eliminating inefficient driving behaviors like speeding and idling. 

Learn more about how to save on Fuel Costs or review our GPS tracking devices

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