Do you know that Americans lost $7.4 billion to motor vehicle theft in 2020 alone? Despite the government coming up with measures to solve the issue, vehicle thefts keep devising sophisticated means of stealing vehicles.

But with a proper fleet management system, you can reduce the chances of your commercial vehicles landing in the wrong hands like a car thief. Fleet management involves all the activities aiming to improve your fleet's safety, efficiency, time management, and cost management.

However, as a manager, handling fleet management can be a challenge. Keeping track of fleet details can suck up your valuable time. Luckily fleet management software makes fleet management easy. The software keeps track of the vehicle's location and fuel consumption for you.

The software also monitors the driver's habits and initiates alerts for drivers who are driving in a manner that could be dangerous or risky. 

Do you know the signs that indicate you need fleet management software? If not, worry no more.

Here are five signs you need fleet management software.

You Spend a Lot of Time Trying to Access Fleet Data

When you don't have all the information about your fleet in one location, it can be challenging to make informed decisions. If you also cannot access fleet information on the go from your phone or tablet, making crucial decisions can be a challenge.

Having trouble accessing fleet data indicates that you need fleet management software. With the fleet management software, you will have your fleet data in one place. The software gives you access to all sorts of information, from driver's safety scores and vehicle health to fuel consumption.

You can also access information regarding your fleet from your computer, phone, or tablet anywhere at any time. All you need to do is acquire a fleet management software package that will offer a return on your investment.

If you contact reputable dealers, they will offer you an affordable fleet tracking software package.

You Need to Improve Drivers and Fleet Safety

No fleet company should take safe driving for granted. Road accidents can cost you tremendous money through damages, legal matters, and lost investments. Some accidents are unavoidable, but it's crucial to prevent as many as possible.

Preventing accidents assures the driver's safety and saves your company money. In most cases, the fleet company is responsible for compensating injured drivers.

If you're worried about the rate at which your commercial vehicles are in accidents, it's a sign you need fleet management software.

With fleet management software, you can track your driver's performance metrics. You can determine your driver's speed and braking behavior from the software. You can also keep track of your driver's location and the time spent idling.

The software also helps you determine the safest routes your driver should follow. The software alerts drivers if a driver is driving toward a storm, traffic accident, or other dangers.


Your Fuel and Maintenance Costs are Going UP

The most significant part of a fleet's budget consists of fuel expenses; hence, every drop should count. Otherwise, your company's profit will decline if fuel consumption exceeds the expected levels.

If your fuel expenses have been increasing steadily recently, it's a sign you need fleet management software. The software can reduce your consumption and save a lot of money. Fleet tracking software has a set of tools for tracking the fleet's fuel consumption and the fleet's fuel economy.

The tools also help you optimize routes and select the most affordable local gas suppliers. Maintenance costs are the other expenses that make up a more significant part of your operating costs. It's normal for your fleet vehicles to experience wear and tear.

But if maintenance problems keep arising for no good reason, it indicates you need fleet management software. High maintenance costs can occur due to the vehicle's age, reckless driving, and poor maintenance.

With fleet management software, it's easy to assess the performance of your fleet vehicles. The system alerts you on anticipated maintenance problems even before they happen. You can also use the system to keep track of your fleet's maintenance schedule.

You're Missing Deadlines

Meeting your deadlines is essential in enhancing your customer's satisfaction. Meeting deadlines is impossible if your vehicle keeps breaking down or getting stuck in traffic. In some cases, if a significant mechanical problem arises, you might have to reschedule delivery.

If delivering services on time has been an issue, you should acquire fleet management software. You can direct drivers to routes with no or less traffic with the system. The system also helps fasten the dispatch process by determining the vehicle closest to the customer's location.

The software allows you to monitor your vehicle's health and check vehicles with maintenance problems before dispatching them.

You Can't Scale Your Current Solution

Expanding your business can help you generate more revenue and grow your business. The right tools will help you manage your fleet effectively to take advantage of this growth. If you're already having issues managing your current fleet, handling a more extensive fleet will be more difficult.

A fleet management software can help you achieve the growth you need. The best fleet management system has tools to accommodate company growth. These tools also allow you to track the movement of more vehicles on more routes.

If you plan to take your fleet business to the next level, invest in fleet management software today.

Discover Signs Indicating You Need a Fleet Management System Today

Proper fleet management helps you generate more revenue, reduce maintenance costs and improve customer satisfaction. However, achieving effective fleet management can only happen if you have a fleet management system.

Are you looking for high-quality and affordable fleet management software? At Linxup, we got you covered. We offer easy-to-use systems at affordable rates.

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