Protecting your assets has a brand new meaning when it comes to GPS tracking. GPS asset tracking transforms logistical nightmares into simplified processes and workflows. You can save both money and time lowering operational costs, minimizing fuel costs, improving safety, and increasing productivity with asset trackers.

Of course we're a little biased, but we think Linxup’s asset trackers are the best place to start if you’re looking to keep track of what’s most valuable to your business.

We have three options to choose from, there are a wide variety of benefits from acquiring asset tracking software into your fleet.

Here’s five benefits of asset tracking software and why you should consider adding it to your business. 


Track Everything That Matters

Asset trackers provide the flexibility to track pretty much everything! No matter how big or small, Linxup is able to keep up with your assets from fleet vehicles to affordable farm equipment trackers.

Here’s a glimpse into all the things we can track:

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Containers 

  • Trailers

  • Towables 

  • Marine Vessels

  • Power Equipment & Tools

  • Farm Equipment


Monitor Every Aspect of Your Equipment

Not only can you see where expensive equipment is, you can get valuable insights on what’s happening with each unit. Temperature monitoring and maintenance event tracking are features offered through our asset tracking system. You’ll be able to know exactly when maintenance is needed on a unit as well as provide preventative maintenance to ensure there are no issues in the future. 


Built Tough & Long-Lasting

All of the valuable insights you receive when monitoring your assets come from a small but tough device. Linxup GPS asset trackers are the result of rugged construction complete with weather-proof casings and a long lasting battery. To top it all off, there is a solar powered option to keep your asset tracker ready to track no matter what time it is. 


Keep Up With Rental Equipment Location

Companies that oversee rental equipment rely on blind trust in those that are renting and hope for the best. Since this equipment can be out of reach for a majority of the time, Linxup asset trackers make it easy for businesses to always keep up with each unit they own. Linxup allows business owners and managers to see when the equipment is being used and where they are located without having to be around them.  


Affordable GPS Asset Trackers

Linxup’s GPS asset trackers are affordable through our flexible pricing options. The more extended the data plan that you choose, the cheaper your device. Our cellular network is reliable and a monthly subscription is required to access the tracking features.  

Interested in learning more about our asset trackers? Learn more and schedule a call with a Linxup representative.  Feel free to get in touch with our friendly sales team; you can reach us by clicking here on your phone or dialing: 1-877-907-0801. 

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